What makes us different?

We draw from over a decade of hands on experience delivering business solutions at the largest life science companies and combine this with our deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

We are more than just a product


We assembled a seasoned team with a diverse background and a passion for Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and the life sciences industry.


To drive adoption we created a comprehensive change management process that integrates the users from day one.


Users are at the core of what we do, so we simplified technology and created experiences they love.

Unlike other solutions, we take care of the data integration

If you have a data lake, we connect to it. If you don't, we'll help you build one so you have a solid foundation for all your analytics needs.

  • Agile Analytics

    We have an agile approach to data engineering that scales, cleanses and standardizes many data sources.

  • Modern Data Stack

    We apply best practices from software engineering to capture documentation, lineage, and test the data before it's used.

  • User-friendly Data Models

    We create simple-to-use data models that are aligned to the business requirements so users are self-sufficient.

A best-in-class natural language & conversation engine

A frictionless user experience starts with understanding.

  • Convexa Coach
  • Convexa Coach
  • Understanding Speech

    We built complex ML models and tools able to comprehend the richness of different accents, including the names of HCPs and pharma products.

  • Keeping Track of the Conversation

    Human-like conversations require context awareness so convexa keeps track of prior interactions and learns from them.

  • Integrating Experiences

    Users want integrated experiences so we connect Convexa with your existing CRM and reporting tools making them just one tap away.

  • On any Device

    Phone, tablet, or desktop, Convexa is where users want to be, continuing the conversation from any device.

We're working with top 10 global biopharma companies

Delivering solutions and expanding our relationship across Europe and the United States.

Built for the enterprise from the ground up.

We understand the complexity of large enterprises so we architected a solution to meet your scalability, security and compliance needs.

  • PlatformScalability

    Convexa scales horizontally and balances the load automatically so you don't need to worry about high infrastructure and maintenance costs.

  • Omni-cloud

    Convexa is deployed to your cloud environment, whether it is AWS, Azure, or GCP.

  • Data Security

    Data never leaves your network, so privacy and compliance are always in your control.

  • Global Support & Monitoring

    By offering a 24x7 support center, you can rest assured that users will be properly served to keep your business up and running.