Augment your team's intelligenceOne insight at a time.

Remove the obstacles that prevent your team from creating enduring relationships with HCPs.

Not just a product.
Knowledge, practices & tools that redefine how sales teams connect with HCPs.

Actionable Insights

Enable faster and better decision making by merging relevant descriptive and predictive insights through Machine Learning models.

Contextual alerts

A powerful mobile assistant in your pocket that informs you of important events based on time, location, or data changes.

Process Automation

Boost productivity by automating business workflows and enabling interactions through natural language.

Give your team more time to interact with your clients

Convexa syntethizes information and delivers personalized recommendations that are specific to each user and each client.

Present situation It's difficult for sales reps to deliver on customer expectations

Information is scattered among many sales tools, making it difficult to understand what's valuable to each customer.

Developing high performing teams is difficult because coaching takes time and connecting HCP interactions to deliver the right message is not a simple task.

Convexa's approach Unified customer view

By connecting all touchpoints with your customers you can uncover what is important to them so that each interaction is meaningful.

  • Reimbursement

    “Her approval rate at Humana is 53%, 20% higher than the average.”

  • MSL

    “She had a call with medical affairs yesterday”

  • Email Campaign

    “She opened an email about Rexotonin efficacy last Monday”

  • Communication Preference

    “She prefers personal detailing over emails”

  • Topic of Interest

    “She prefers safety messaging”

See Convexa in action.

Discover a new way of consuming insights and interacting with customer data.

Integrated omni-channel campaigns along the HCP journey

Convexa coordinates digital and in-person interactions alligning with your brand goals.

Current problem Disconnected interactions

Marketing and sales teams work independently, leading to disconnected and sometimes conflicting messaging.

It's difficult to design personalized segments and quickly adapt to customer needs if such needs are not known.

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is hard because channel information is usually not consolidated.

Our solution Coordinated omni-channel interactions

Convexa provides customer specific recommendations that are coordinated across channels.

Information gathered from multiple touchpoints help adjust messaging and frequency by segment.

Action recommendations are sent directly to sales reps through Convexa Coach™ or your marketing automation solution.

Marketing teams get a cross channel campaign effectiveness overview so they can deliver more meaningful messages.

Valuable Medical Interactions

Understand your customer scientific needs.

Pain Points Being an effective MSL is not easy

Medical liasions have no visibility to non-medical interactions with HCPs.

Finding the right KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to create product awareness on demand is not simple.

Meeting the needs of HCPs requires a consolidated view of company interactions and scientific advancements.

Convexa' solution A multi-dimensional view of influencers

Convexa connects internal and external data to help Medical teams have more meaningful interactions with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to gain respect in the medical community.

  • Clinical Trials

    “He is a primary investigator on RXT-228.”

  • Sales Interactions

    “He will be visited by the Sales team on Friday 27th.”

  • KOLs

    “He is a KOL for Multiple Myeloma.”

  • Speaker Program

    “He is speaking at the Rexotonin education seminar next month.”

  • Education Materials

    “New educational material is available on Rexotonin Side Effects.”