Supercharge your sales and marketing teams

Digital assistants with recommendations for life science companies who want to increase customer engagement.

  • Convexa Coach
  • Convexa Coach

CONVEXA COACH™ A personal sales coach

We know that sales reps enjoy customer interactions but struggle with the complexity of connecting the dots to better understand customers.

Learn how Convexa Coach™ can integrate insights and tools, make recommendations, and reduce operational tasks.

Powerful features Augmenting intelligence, one conversation at a time

Convexa uses the latest AI research and technology to build models that are able to deliver sophisticated but intuitive interactions.

Users receive personalized insights and recommendations based on who they are and their customers so they can focus on having meaningful interactions with HCPs.

  • Language Understanding

    We put together the data and most advanced Machine Learning models to create a best in class language understanding engine.

  • Contextual Conversations

    User's context is a key input for our conversational engine, so users can interact in a natural way, harnessing the information from prior interactions.

  • Interactive Learning

    Convexa gets better over time by learning from user interactions, so every new request is more relevant than the last.

  • Real Time Recommendations

    Getting real time recommendations based on time, location, or relevant data helps users take the right action at the right time.

  • Omnichannel Experience

    Convexa is everywhere, on your mobile device, on your laptop, and even on your smart speaker.

Life Science expertise Over a decade of experience

We have worked with commercial teams from leading biopharmaceutical companies including the top 10 in the world.

  • Android
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Apple iOS
  • Databricks
  • Docker
  • DBT
  • Google Home
  • Keras
  • Python
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Tensorflow
  • Veeva
  • Tableau
  • Salesforce

Advanced Analytics and ML

By intersecting our data experience with our commercial process knowledge, we can deliver solutions that incorporate leading solutions in AI & ML and package them in experiences users love.

Comprehensive understanding of pharma data

We have integrated syndicated sales, claims, formulary data, speaker programs, patient services, lab, digital interactions, and more.
We know how to extract value from these datasets.

  • Product Vision BoardStakeholder AnalysisProduct Backlog
  • Data Pipeline
  • Neural Network
  • Hands-free
  • A cohesive process to better resultsStrategy & Alignment

    Successful technology projects start with strategic alignment between all stakeholders.

    How do we align the team?

    We conduct a series of workshops following a structured approach to define the vision, what's in scope and a prioritized roadmap.

    This excercise will complement your digital transformation journey by launching a coordinated change management process.

  • A cohesive process to better resultsData Enrichment

    Once you are aligned on what to do, an agile approach will bring your data together and properly expose it to users.

    How do we integrate the data?

    Taking our experience in large enterprises and agile software development practices we have developed processes that help cross functional teams extract value from data by creating robust data products.

    DBTSalesforceVeevaTableauIQVIASymphonyGoogle Analytics

  • A cohesive process to better resultsMachine Learning (ML)

    With your data harmonized and your model features created, we can focus on delivering more value through advanced analytics.

    How do we build the ML models?

    Every organization is different. We help you develop and integrate ML models tailored to your data and business objectives.

    Wether it is Customer Affinity Prediction, Next Best Action, Dynamic Targeting, Algorithmic Forecasting, or Anomaly Detection, we apply the best solution to meet your needs.


  • A cohesive process to better resultsSolution delivery

    The right analytics solution drive the best decisions when used, so our top priority is delivering a great experience that users love.

    How do we get adoption?

    We build voice assistants and supporting tools, choosing the right channel for each audience.

    We create intuitive interfaces that require minimal training so users can quickly become productive and make informed decisions.

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